One of the important purpose of creating the website was to create a central library of all the Party pictures and videos. So that anyone of us can see the picture gallery, videos online, can download all the videos from website to local computer or to share it to social networking site like Facebook.

Just want to let you know that this website www.party.technologixs.com  is very much private to all the members of the event, but the URL of the website can be shared to any external friend or family by a member , and we have no way to restrict that.

But again, it will be more private than Facebook or anything. Also if all wish, I can make that page Password Protected.

We have planned to cover the entire event with still photography and videography of the performances.

All those videos and photos will be uploaded to this side and shared with all the members.

We will have at least 2 people doing the photo and video shoot, but all of you are more than welcome to click anything you want.

So, do you guys have any CONCERN with this approach

If you have any concern, this is how the policy goes

1)      If it’s an individual pic and person in the pic, doesn’t want his/her pic uploaded to website central library ( do send an email and it will be deleted immediately)

2)      If it’s a group photo (if all members in the group decide against it , it will be deleted immediately)

3)      If it’s a kid’s pic, and you don’t want your kid pic on the website( send an email and it will be deleted immediately)

4)      If it’s an individual performance video and you don’t want it to be uploaded ( let us know, it will be deleted immediately)

5)      If it’s a group performance video( if all members of the group decide against it , it will be deleted immediately)

6)      Or if there is any random Pic or Video that a groups of more than 5 people want to be deleted, will be deleted from website ( do let us know)

Even after all these, if you are concerned and do not want your photos/videos to be uploaded to the website, Just send an email and we will not upload any of your picture/video, otherwise it is assumed that you all agree to this policy .Technologixs will not be held responsible for anything.

For any concern or question, email to support@technologixs.com


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