Party Venue Decided


just wanted to inform you that we have finalized the party venue.

2008 S. Hawthorne Road, Winston Salem, NC, US, 27103


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Rent – Recency II Party Hall

Party Hall – $250.00

Food fee + Cleaning charge – $75.00

Tax- 21.93

Total – $346.93

Deposit – $100.00 Non refundable

Balance= $246.93


Hall Setup

5 round table setup for 8 people each

Food tables skirt


Music table Skirted

Complementary – Audio / Visual Equipment if available

An attendant will be provided who will assist us in getting ICE ,and they are responsible for cleaning the hall afterward , we just need to take all the leftover food items.




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  1. manish says:

    Just a quick update.

    Today, i went to Quality Inn to make the final payment, The director of Sales gave me an offer for FREE upgrade to Regency 1 Party Hall, which is almost double in size.

    Double in size means extra space for kids to play around.
    We can setup a play area for them too (suggest).

    Also this room has a big wall mounted Projector screen.

    Again , Its a FREE UPGRADE.

  2. balaji says:

    That’s a good news…

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