Nov 7 Meeting update

Based on the meeting today, following are some of the things we decided based on number of people who accepted the event invitation
Today’s Attendees – Vinay , Aditya,Balaji , Karthik D , Manish
Event Date  –  Dec 21 2013  ( Saturday)
Participation Fee – $40 / adult , Kids FREE
In order to book the Venue and Food in advance , please deposit the participation fee to Balaji Gurumani ( by CASH only ) by Nov 22 2013.
Responsibilty           People responsible( Any one can join the group)
Event Hall Vinay+Adi+Welsey +Anyone
Food Milind+Manish+karthik +Anyone
Snack+Drink +kids giift Balaji+Senthil+karthik L
Kids Games Ideas + Events Ideas Any one can suggest
Treasurer Balaji Gurumani
Proposed Events
Fashion Show – Kids
Fashion Show – Adults
Solo Dance – Adults
Group Dance – Adults , Kids
Karaoke – Adults
Mimicry – Adults
Stand up Comedy – Adults
Skit – Adults
Kids / Adult Games
Please reply back to this email to enroll for these events.
We will schedule the next meeting after Nov 22 2013.
Holiday Events Committee

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