Meeting Update – 10/28/2014

Attendees – Umesh, Balaji, Sourabh,Manish

Things discussed today are:

Total Member – 71

Confirmed Member – 55

Estimated Calculation for the items

Food $900
Ice-Cream $20
Cake $50
Appetizer+Drink $100
Speaker $150
Party Hall $75
Return Gift $200
Decorative Item $60
Disposable Cutlery $100
Water $35
Games $100
Misc $100
Total $1890

Per Head (for 55 member) = $35.00 / Per adult (No fee for kids)

This calculation will be revisited again after few weeks as things become more clear.

Money Collection guys – Balaji / Uma & Sourabh.

Start paying your contributions NOW……

Last Date for accepting contribution is Nov 20,2014

**In case  you decide to not participate for any reason or have some travel plan, we will be able to refund your contribution only if you inform us before Dec 05 2014.(as we will start making payments to vendors and start buying stuff starting Dec 06 2014).

Please write your comments belows if any.






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