Proposed Events

Fashion Show – Kids
Fashion Show – Adults
Solo Dance – Adults
Group Dance – Adults , Kids
Karaoke – Adults
Mimicry – Adults
Stand up Comedy – Adults
Skit – Adults
Kids / Adult Games
Please reply back to this email to enroll for these events.


2 Responses so far.

  1. manish says:

    Events Finalized so far:-
    (please , anyone who want to participate or perform , let the team know)
    and also be ready for some surprise performances :)

    Duet welcome song
    Kids Fashion Show
    Duet Song
    Solo Song
    Duet Song
    Solo Song
    Solo Song
    Solo Song

    Group Dance
    Solo Dance

    Host of the event – Vinay , Adi , Sourabh

    Other events with their coordinator ( anyone can volunteer to manage events)

    Candy Collection — Ramesh
    2. Musical chair – Balaji, Ramesh
    3 – Passing the ball – kids +a dults

    4. Hands Up – Hand Down – Ramesh


    1. Dumb Charades – Ramesh + Sourabh , Senthil
    2. Pictionary –
    3. Type Cast – Ramesgh +sourabh + senthil+karthik l +

    5. Perfect Match – Matching answers from husband and wife for a set of questions, pair getting most matching answers wins – Ramesgh +sourabh + senthil+karthik l + Bala + adi

    6. Try placing plastic glasses one on top of other,first uprite,then an inverted , then uprite like wise in a minute or so, one who makes max number or tallest wins

    4.———— Keep on Story Telling… Start a thread and continue from the thread left off by the previous person, last person to stop the story after some specific time wins—

  2. manish says:

    Event Order :

    Duet Song UB (10 min)

    Kids Song – T (5 min)

    Fashion Show Kids (10 min)

    Kids Dance (5 min)

    Dance – ML (10 min)

    Lunch ( 1 hr)

    Compatibility Game – Ramesh (30 min)

    Games – AB (30 min)

    Solo Song – A (10 min)

    Duet Song – UB (10 min)

    Solo Song – M (10 min)

    Group Dance – KRML (15 min)

    Solo Song – B (10 min)

    Solo Song – U (10 min)

    Duet Song – BM (10 min)

    Songs Medley (15 min)


    Other Games……

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