Dec 5 – Party Meeting Updates

Thanks to all who attended today’s meeting

Attendees – Balaji , Senthil , Sourabh, Vinay, Ramesh , Milind, Manish

We got major areas covered regarding the food and the events

We have decided to order food from Nawab

see the menu and budget  –   (scroll down to the bottom to see the quote from nawab)

break down of the budget so far:



Snack+Drink + paper items- $50

cake – $20

Kids Gift – $100


For Events – go to –

Dress Code – Semi Formal or whatever u feel is right



2 Responses so far.

  1. manish says:

    Hi Guys,

    Today I and wesley went to Nawab to confirm the Food order.

    based on our budget and our requirements, we have increased the quantity of two food items

    1) Veg Biryani = changed it to Full tray (at discounted price by
    2) Matar Panner – Changed it to Deep Tray (which is almost full tray
    in quanityt)instead of half tray at discounted price by Nawab

    So the Final Menu is :

    Veg Pakoda – 30 people – $50 half tray

    Chicken tandoori– 20 people – $50 half tray

    Main Course:

    Plain Naan – 30 ( Rogani Naan) – $45

    Veg Biryani ( 20 people) + Raita –$65 half tray
    Full tray

    Chicken Biryani ( 20 people) + Raita – $60 half tray

    White Rice (Complementary ) Half Tray

    Matar Paneer (30 people)$70 half tray – Full Tray

    Dal Makhani (20 people) – $60 half tray

    Chicken (Gravy) any (25 people)- $70 half

    pick up Date – Dec 21 , Time – 12.00 pm

    Total = $550 + NO TAX ( as we will pay in CASH)
    ** No Advance paid so far)

    As per Nawab, this much quantity is more than enough for 27 adults + 11 kids

    But if anyone of you still feel other way , lets discuss.


  2. manish says:

    update —
    Veg pakoda – full
    chicken Biryani – full
    chicken curry – full
    Naan – 38

    – $150

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